Potchefstroom Churchplant

One of the many desires that Tyrell and I had when we planted Heritage Baptist Church (HBC) in Johannesburg was that HBC would be a church planting hub reaching across South Africa and into the rest of the world. 

Now, in our sixth year, we are delighted to announce that the first step has been taken. Working alongside Klerksdorp Baptist Church we have launched Heritage Baptist Church, Potchefstroom. This is not a campus of HBC Johannesburg; however, the name was agreed upon for various reasons. Firstly, to maintain the same Christ-centered, God-glorifying, ethos that is to be found at HBC Johannesburg. Secondly, for economy of scale reasons, having the same name reduces costs, and thirdly, because it is a great name.

Potchefstroom is a strategic city that is growing in every sphere. It has an abundance of water and electricity, as well as a well-developed infrastructure. It is known as the ‘city of expertise’ due to the many centres of education. The most well-known being the North-West University with over 50,000 students. For all this, there is still a desperate need for Biblically faithful, English speaking churches. 

Please pray that the Lord would bless this endeavour and that many would be saved and discipled for God’s glory. If you know of anyone who is looking for a spiritual home in Potchefstroom then please let them know about HBC Potchefstroom. If you would like more details or wish to support the work there then please click on the following link:

Heritage Baptist Church, Potchefstroom

Soli Deo Gloria